Please arrive a minimum of ten minutes prior to your booked appointment time Guelph can be busy.

Your initial visit with Mark Powell Osteopathic practitioner will include a full consultation, my motto is "health is wealth - movement is medicine" with that in mind a thorough assessment will save time on future needless treatments.  With that in mind, we may or may not have time to progress to treatment on the same day, as examination and treatment can be in itself too much for your body to cope with in one sitting. What we will endeavor to do is progress to an effective treatment plan as soon as possible.

Your Osteopathic practitioner will take a detailed case history where you will be asked to describe your problem at length  and the impact this has on your life. Your medical history will also be discussed which will enable your Osteopathic practitioner  to eliminate any medical conditions that may mimic back pain or may make osteopathic treatment unsuitable.

After this a thorough clinical examination will take place where you will be required to dress down to your underwear or suitable athletic outfit.   Although this will be conducted in a relaxed and friendly manner, our approach to your complaint is very professional and all the information is treated as highly confidential.

Once all the information is gathered, your Osteopathic practitioner will explain to you, in understandable language, what they believe the problem is and what is recommended as an appropriate course of action at this stage. An appropriate osteopathic intervention  will be discussed and once more,  to enable you to leave the clinic as fully informed as possible about your problem and any ongoing treatment programme.
At Powell Osteopathy & Massage, our aim is that you will leave the clinic reassured about your problem, knowledgable about your pain triggers, comfortable with our assessment and any ongoing treatment plan and informed of recommended do's and don’ts.

Please arrive a minimum of ten minutes prior to your initial booked appointment time Guelph can be busy.

Massage Initial Visit

Please ensure all paperwork has been completed before arrival.

Your initial visit with Sarah Powell RMT will include a discussion about your symptoms, medical history and desired results. Our clinic motto is "health is wealth - movement is medicine". My intent is to assess and create a treatment plan for you and that can only be done if the therapist has a complete understanding of your past and current health.  Typically, the patient lies on a table, either in loose fitting clothing or undressed (covered with a sheet, except for the area being massaged). The therapist may use oil or lotion to reduce friction on the skin. 


At Powell Osteopathy and Massage I only use hypo-allergenic oils and if essentials are to be used they are of the purest and highest quality.  All linens are washed and cleaned using non fragranced cleaners.  Coming from a Yoga teacher background you will benefit from if needed advice related to relaxation techniques.  Here at Powell Osteopathy & Massage if patients are seeing both myself and Mark we will (with consent) discuss the case to ensure you receive the highest standard of individualised care available.

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